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Reopening Schools in the COVID-19 Climate: A Keenan & Associates Conversation on How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Posted by Sara Bachez on Sep 10, 2020 2:15:00 PM

Local education agencies (LEAs) must prepare for and respond to emergencies, which can come in many forms and occur at any time. As school districts continue to navigate the realities of COVID-19 while transitioning the start of the academic year via distance learning, the state finds itself mitigating the effects of wildfires and power outages created by public safety power shutoffs (PSPSs).

To help you prepare for these emergencies, we have partnered with Keenan & Associates and select school business leaders to present this recorded webinar in our summer series, in which we:

  • Explain preparedness plans and how to evaluate your LEA's plans;
  • Discuss how to implement and communicate your LEA's emergency response plans; and
  • Present the perspectives of two school districts that weathered last year's PSPSs and this year's wildfires.
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